Cloud-based Business Opportunities–Rethinking Web-to-Print #LU1

Sun. September 30| 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM | S103a

Join web-to-print technologist Slava Apel and industry advisor Dr. Joe Webb, in this lunch session covering the benefits and pitfalls of migrating some part of one's business into the Cloud. Printers typically take advantage of only two or three Cloud-based processes when there are dozens more that could benefit their businesses. With more than 500 vendors in the market, however, the choices can be bewildering. This session will explain what it means to migrate business to the Cloud. All attendees will receive a free PDF summary of the book authored by Dr. Webb and Mr. Apel, Cloud Production: A New Path to Productivity


Type: Lunch Session

Who should attend: Owners and Executive Managers

What you will Learn:

  • How doing business in the Cloud might impact your existing business
  • Why Cloud-based business is far more than "Web-to-Print"
  • Which Cloud-based technologies are relevant for print-related businesses
  • How to navigate and choose the right vendor-partner for Cloud-based business opportunities


Apel, Slava

Apel, Slava


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Webb, Joe

Webb, Joe


Dr. Joe Webb

Zhitnikov, Vlad

Zhitnikov, Vlad

President & CEO

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