Using Data Driven Management to Run Your Business #R12

Sun. September 30| 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM | S104ab

Data is abundant in any business, but if a business doesn’t know how to act on the data, there’s no benefit to gathering it. Imagine expanding cross-country without investing in feet-on-the street. Imagine cutting costs and running your business more efficiently. Imagine closing deals without a single sales person. Think that’s far off? With the right usage of data, it’s not. And we’ve done it.

We realized that data could give us a broader view of our business on a macro level as well as on an individual level – helping us inform the majority of our business decisions. Data has taken us beyond the obvious question of “How much will this job cost me to produce?” to “How can we better run our company?”

We embrace data to help us run our entire company. From operations to sales to productivity, we’ve been able to build out competencies to help us cull data within our organization and make sense of it. Our data allows us to capture new business and continue to grow our business – all without any sales staff. With data, we can gather our paid advertising spend statistics, understand how many of each product type was produced, rolling averages of product shipments, our sales growth, profitability and more. This data gives us a holistic view of our organization, allowing us to be nimble and to make data-supported decisions.

This session will focus on how to become a data-driven organization and the tangible benefits print shops can realize when they adopt a data-driven approach to running their business.

Type: Regular Session

Who should attend: Owners and Executive Managers

What you will Learn:

  • How to properly gather and interpret data to help inform their business processes.
  • The new data-based approaches that millennial managers and owners are taking to drive new business
  • Of the real-world outcomes of adopting data-driven management.


Chou, Lawrence

Chou, Lawrence


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